Sunday, March 12, 2023

'Very hard' for GOP to beat Michelle Obama if she runs in '24: Lyndsay K...

Been saying this for a while, they will run Biden till months before the election, he will be declared incapable of the office, Kamala will take over for the remaining months, Michael will be nominated to run, they will cheat and MO will be the President, watch and see

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Randy Baith Author at Basictech Information Services

As the founder and author of Basictech Information Services, I have several websites and blogs, but I do not have a personal site. A site were I can just share random thoughts and ideas.

I changed this blog several times before I just decided to make it personal. Not necessarily about me, but just a general site with some general topics and tips.

I will be adding to this as time goes on. Below is a list of my other sites. I encourage you to look at them and take advantage of the free information I provide.  Teaching internet marketing basics for free Reporting scams and product reviews The mathematical formula for wealth

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Binary Option Software Scam

Automated Binary Option Software

There has been a recent increase in binary option software being promoted. They have been popping up so fast that I cannot keep up with them. 

These things are free, but are they? They are suppose to make trading binary options easy as 1-2-3 giving you a winning advantage.

So are they free? Yes they are, but what they are suppose to do and really do are two completely different things.

Let me go over a couple of aspects that made me suspicious.

  1. They claim you can win, you may lose a few trades, but you are suppose to come out a winner overall.
  2. You are required to sign up with a particular broker, and most of them are not allow to operate in the United States.
Here's the bottom line; you sign up to the broker and deposit money. Soon after you start making trades. Then you lose your money. It is that simple.

I have read many complaints about these things having no customer support. They claim to, but their crying falls on deaf ears. If you took the bonus, you are really screwed, they require you to make 20-40 times your initial deposit before you can make any withdraws. You'll never make it.

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